Reason #612 to kiss your mechanical engineer

March 15, 2012

So at my wedding a friend handed me a button that said “love an engineer”. I came across it today in my jewelry box and I had to smile. My engineer hubby has come to the rescue twice this past month with my machine melt downs. This post sir, is for you.

I adopted  my very  first industrial sewing straight stitch machine not too long ago.  It was in rough shape but with a little tlc and two visits from a repair guy it was golden. Whenever Mike (my machine mechanic) was around, it sewed like a dream. The minute I sat down all by my lonesome, the bobbin and thread would start to eat itself. I grumpily put a cover on the machine and just let it sit. I was way too busy to conquer this ornery machine.

Just the other week, I got a repair job that I *thought* my Singer sewing machine could handle. I was wrong. What do I do? Do I give the work back with apologies? Do I pay Mechanic Mike yet another house call to fire up the industrial? As I was stressing out about this, my husband Eric stepped up to the challenge. Before I knew it, he had fiddled with the machine, run test swatches and had done my repair. Pssssstttt…..  I love Eric!

Want to know what I was doing wrong? I had the stupid bobbin fed in backwards. My industrial machine’s bobbin feed is opposite my domestic machine’s. Since Eric doesn’t sew on a regular basis, he placed the bobbin how it made sense to him. AHHHHHHH!

The second time Eric came to my rescue, I was knee deep in an urgent sewing job. Like it’s midnight and I gotta have this done by morning sewing job. A sweet customer contacted me because she had professional cheerleader tryouts in three days and the uniform manufacturer decided to contact her and  let her know it would be 6 more weeks before her outfit would ship. Nice. Awesome. It’s not like you can go to Target and pick  a tryout uniform up.

So we designed an outfit and I was sewing like crazy. My 1980’s Pfaff Creative Touch has an awesome stretch stitch. I am stretch stitching like mad and I heard a loud snap. Springs and bolts shot out of my sewing machine. Literally…… parts flew out of my machine.  Eric quickly came to my shop, accessed the situation, and fixed my machine with a bolt off my car. I’m not kidding… it was the only metric bolt he could scrounge up at that hour.

Outfit completed and customer happy!

The moral of this story, ladies and gents, that if you haven’t kissed and engineer lately, I suggest doing so.

New storefront for She’s So Pretty: Lonaconing, Maryland

February 13, 2012

She’s So Pretty is a sewing studio, a small fabric and notion store as well as a boutique.

I offer my line of clothing, handbags and accessories as well as handcrafted goodies made by local artists, designers and crafters.

I can also hem a pair of pants, sell you a pack of needles, or teach you how to use your sewing machine!

48 Main Street

Lonaconing, MD 21539

(next door to the Old Marshalls storefront)


(Only voicemail right now. Still working out the phone system kinks)

Winter Hours 2012

Wed-Sat 10.00am – 6.00pm

Sun-Tues by appointment

Please note- my Friday and Saturday hours may vary slightly. I occasionally travel to street markets and art shows on the weekends. Please call or check my website for up to date store hours.


February 12, 2012

People have been telling me for years that I have enough fabric to open a fabric store. Boom….. here ya go!

Welcome to:  She’s So Pretty at 48 Main Street, Lonaconing.

Enjoy all the pretty pictures…



My terrible commute. This picture is taken from my front porch, my shop is the brick and green building at the light.

















And please if you are in the area, stop by! Wed-Sat 10.00am-6.00pm. Sunday-Tuesday, by appointment.

I can move any (fabric) mountain

January 31, 2012

It’s moving day!

A little Shamen for your listening pleasure….


Of course I don’t have enough boxes, so each van load I have to unpack all the boxes and throw their contents up into the shelves. I started the day being very organized, but as we moved more and more it got a little more chaotic!



It’s amazing how quickly you can fill a space up!



I’ve got ALOT or organizing to do!



Tulle box! Some of Eric’s midday moving humor!



Since my shop is in the middle of a T intersection at a traffic light, there is no way to pull over in front of the store. Eric figured out that our van would *just* fit on the sidewalk. We could only unload through the sliding door though, we made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves. Oh well, life in a small town!



And finally…. the industrials. Upon our super smart friend Tom’s suggestion, Eric made a dolly to put the machines on. So.Much.Easier. than last time!

I like to surround myself with smart handy people! Makes moving a breeze! Heh. Now if only I was rich! I could have paid someone else to do all of this!!



Bye Bye old studio!



I will miss my view!!




Happy Shiny Floors

January 28, 2012

With all the painting done, it was time to tackle the lovely floors. The floor tiles are “vintage” green asbestos squares. Neither one of us really wanted to fool with pulling and probably breaking them up. Cleaning and sealing is definitely the best course of action!

Eric tried all sorts of cleaning solutions. Amonia scrubs, bleach rinses (not at the same time…heh), and just a bunch of elbow grease. Dirt was coming up, but the tiles were still filthy. One of my neighboring shops loaned me stripper call Hurricane. I have no idea whats in it, but when she told me the schools were no longer allowed to use it because of the chemicals, I knew I had found the answer!


Hurricane and water scrubbed onto the floor…….magic! The tiles totally stripped with no problem!



Left side stripped, right side still ookie…

In two days Eric was able to strip the floor, and put two coats of sealer.

So shiny!


Now…. to move!





Thank you Heather!

January 24, 2012

Whoopie! The shop is PAINTED! A big schmoopie hug to my friend Heather! With her help this past weekend, we were able to knock out the rest of the painting. SO. MANY. SHELVES!









So pretty! Next step, floors!

This is all I have for tonight. Time for a vodka tonic. I am totally spent!



Troubled Waters

January 23, 2012

It’s water day!

Toilet fixed. Check! Hot water heater installed. Check! Call to Town Hall. Check! I now have water service. Whooooo hoooooo! Eric and I scamper down to the basement (yes the scary the Silence of the Lambs one) to turn the water main. But wait… where is it? We look all over that creepy crawly space but find no water cut off.

What does this mean? Could there really be ANOTHER creepy space under this building? Why YES! Yes there is. A few phone calls later, I have in my hand a key that opens the basement area around the back of the building.

This can’t be right? Can it?!

Sigh…. the key fits the rusty old lock……

Ughhhh….. it’s even worse than I expected. Where the hell is that water shut off?! (Eric looks creepy doesn’t he?!)

Victory is ours! Water is on!!

Guess I won’t be drinking the water!

My brain is melting!

January 15, 2012

Eric and I had to take a break today. Between the knots in our necks and all the paint fumes we huffed yesterday, we couldn’t make ourselves paint today. Tiny shop+ poor ventilation+ oil paint= unproductive Sunday. Seriously- I killed more than a few brain cells yesterday!!

For your viewing pleasure, the latest group of random shop pictures….

Whoa! Am I glad I quit smoking. These shelves used to be WHITE! The previous shop owner smoked.What the heck do my lungs look like?!

I really do know how to paint, I promise.

Sooooooo…… This is my basement door. It’s the ONLY ACCESS to the basement. What exactly was someone locking IN the basement. I am worried!

So many shelves!

Really. These shelves are going to rock when they are painted. WHEN THEY ARE PAINTED!

But wait! Why am I painting? I could have just kept this lovely sponge paint job!

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from She’s So Pretty!


January 12, 2012


I will get to paint some day…yes?!

front of shop


back of shop


much better! Silly counters removed


so much more room!


I had to remove a few screws....


more screws!


really?! The floor tile is bright green? I had no idea!


Wait a minute! I didn’t get to the sanding! Tomorrow is a new day! (Of sanding and cleaning)



It Puts the Lotion in the Basket

January 11, 2012

Whoooo hooo! I’ve got the keys to my new studio and retail space! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Be sure to check back. I will be posting oodles of pictures over the next few weeks.

For now…… here is a glimpse of my super scary basement. It puts the lotion in the basket……