Cameras make TERRIBLE attic insulation!

Being the dutiful wifie that I am, I took a day off from sewing to help my husband and a few friends blow insulation into our attic. For any of you who have not had this experience, it’s simple but SUPER MESSY! Loud cranky machines, long windy tubes and cotton fibers floating everywhere.

Just like all the other renovations we have done to the house, one of my duties was to photograph this whole process. Check! Done and done! Until almost the end. Then it happened, the terrible clanking sound. CLANK, CLANK, CLANK! We all looked at each other in total bewilderment until I realized that the camera was no longer in my pocket!

So the moral of this story is, while insulation is now made from recycled products(and that is awesome), camera really shouldn’t be thrown into the mix.

As soon as our replacement arrives, I will start shooting away! Until then, I will be reposting all the fabulousness I stumble across over my morning coffee!

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