Reason #612 to kiss your mechanical engineer

March 15, 2012

So at my wedding a friend handed me a button that said “love an engineer”. I came across it today in my jewelry box and I had to smile. My engineer hubby has come to the rescue twice this past month with my machine melt downs. This post sir, is for you.

I adopted  my very  first industrial sewing straight stitch machine not too long ago.  It was in rough shape but with a little tlc and two visits from a repair guy it was golden. Whenever Mike (my machine mechanic) was around, it sewed like a dream. The minute I sat down all by my lonesome, the bobbin and thread would start to eat itself. I grumpily put a cover on the machine and just let it sit. I was way too busy to conquer this ornery machine.

Just the other week, I got a repair job that I *thought* my Singer sewing machine could handle. I was wrong. What do I do? Do I give the work back with apologies? Do I pay Mechanic Mike yet another house call to fire up the industrial? As I was stressing out about this, my husband Eric stepped up to the challenge. Before I knew it, he had fiddled with the machine, run test swatches and had done my repair. Pssssstttt…..  I love Eric!

Want to know what I was doing wrong? I had the stupid bobbin fed in backwards. My industrial machine’s bobbin feed is opposite my domestic machine’s. Since Eric doesn’t sew on a regular basis, he placed the bobbin how it made sense to him. AHHHHHHH!

The second time Eric came to my rescue, I was knee deep in an urgent sewing job. Like it’s midnight and I gotta have this done by morning sewing job. A sweet customer contacted me because she had professional cheerleader tryouts in three days and the uniform manufacturer decided to contact her and  let her know it would be 6 more weeks before her outfit would ship. Nice. Awesome. It’s not like you can go to Target and pick  a tryout uniform up.

So we designed an outfit and I was sewing like crazy. My 1980’s Pfaff Creative Touch has an awesome stretch stitch. I am stretch stitching like mad and I heard a loud snap. Springs and bolts shot out of my sewing machine. Literally…… parts flew out of my machine.  Eric quickly came to my shop, accessed the situation, and fixed my machine with a bolt off my car. I’m not kidding… it was the only metric bolt he could scrounge up at that hour.

Outfit completed and customer happy!

The moral of this story, ladies and gents, that if you haven’t kissed and engineer lately, I suggest doing so.