I can move any (fabric) mountain

January 31, 2012

It’s moving day!

A little Shamen for your listening pleasure….


Of course I don’t have enough boxes, so each van load I have to unpack all the boxes and throw their contents up into the shelves. I started the day being very organized, but as we moved more and more it got a little more chaotic!



It’s amazing how quickly you can fill a space up!



I’ve got ALOT or organizing to do!



Tulle box! Some of Eric’s midday moving humor!



Since my shop is in the middle of a T intersection at a traffic light, there is no way to pull over in front of the store. Eric figured out that our van would *just* fit on the sidewalk. We could only unload through the sliding door though, we made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves. Oh well, life in a small town!



And finally…. the industrials. Upon our super smart friend Tom’s suggestion, Eric made a dolly to put the machines on. So.Much.Easier. than last time!

I like to surround myself with smart handy people! Makes moving a breeze! Heh. Now if only I was rich! I could have paid someone else to do all of this!!



Bye Bye old studio!



I will miss my view!!